Naomi's Heart Mission


Imagine the Possibilities

Giving children a strong academic education along with Christian values to enable them to break the cycle of poverty and succeed in life.


  • A Christian school well equipped, offering a free education in a third world country
  • A school giving hope to a child that will impact his/her life and their family forever
  • A school where education is valued as a way out of poverty
  • A school with enough classrooms for 500 children and land to allow for outside activities
  • A school with Christ-centered education that encourages and motivates children to be productive.


Phase 1

is now being completed with the purchase of two hectares of land, connection of water and electricity, and the construction of a wall around the perimeter. Temporary classrooms will be added for the coming school year.

Phase 2

consists of the construction of two buildings with eight classrooms each along with separate buildings for restrooms.

Phase 3

consists of adding an administration building, a chapel, and an open air gymnasium.


Althea’s Story

Althea was abandoned by her mother when she and her brother were babies. With no steady income. althea’s grandmother, who took the two children into her home, had no money to spend on schooling. Because of sponsorship through Naomi’s Heart Mission Academy, althea and her brother have a chance to receive a quality education.

Althea has been at the academy for six years, beginning in second grade. Althea’s teachers have seen her mature through the years and begin to step forward as a leader. She has an aptitude for science and enjoys performing experiments.

Berlan’s Story

Berlan grew up in a poverty-stricken area in the mountains, where he is active in one of the mission’s planted churches. He is part of the Bal’an Tribe where most children do not attend school and work to help support their family. Berlan’s parents struggled to send him to school.

With the sponsorship of Naomi’s Heart Mission, Berlan graduated from high school and attended Mindanao State University. He graduated at the top of his class with a major in Filipino and English in June of 2022. Since graduation, he qualified to teach at a community college. He is now planning to get his master’s degree in technology.

Berlan says, “Naomi’s Heart Mission has helped me attain my educational goals. Moreover, the spiritual guidance given to me through the mission has guided me in the path I’m taking right now.”

Elona Jane’s Story

From Alona: “I am grateful to be a recipient of your ministry.  It changed my life forever and gives me confidence wherever I go. It does not lead me only to know Christ personally, the most beautiful thing happens to me, but also to receive the calling He prepared me to do. I can’t express it all in words how he called me to be a missionary in Zamboanga City Philippines, teaching Muslim kids to have knowledge of who Christ Jesus is, but I know nothing is by accident. God has been faithful and there’s a lot here that needs to be done; God is not finished yet. With your desire to impact the lives of people through the love of Christ, I am a testimony of it. Your labor is not in vain so please do not be weary to continue the good work you have started. Blessings!”

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