Short Term Mission Trip Opportunities

Visiting the Naomi's Heart Mission

Visiting the Naomi's Heart Mission is, for most people, a life changing experience. People come here ready to minister to the children and families living around the mission. They end up being ministered to, loved on, and blessed by the very people they came to help. God is always at work on each person who visits here. Your life will be changed.  

Visiting our mission involves a long plane flight - but that can be turned into time to build relationships with your traveling mates and time for reflection and preparation. No one has regretted the trip - even with the flight delays, layovers, and long times in the air. It is an adventure  And once you arrive, the adventure continues.

You will have some challenges to face. It is hot here. We live on a tropical island six degrees north of the equator. We have beautiful flowers and plants and big bugs to go with them. We have times when there is no electricity. The beds are hard and the showers are cold, but both can feel really good after a long day of ministry. The sounds of the mission regularly include barking dogs, crowing roosters, and the shuffle of sandals. But the greatest and most rewarding sound is the sound of children's laughter that fills the space within our gated, walled compound.  

The rewards - the blessings - far outweigh the inconveniences. This place is filled with smiling children just waiting to love on you. They are excited when visitors come and look forward to special activities that teams often bring. The adults are friendly and warm and will do all they can to make your stay the best it can possibly be. The food prepared for you will be plentiful and tasty. We will have air conditioners available in the sleeping quarters to help with relief from the heat.

Where will we stay?

​We have built a bunk house that has two separate sides to house men and women. Each side can house six people comfortably, so we can accommodate teams of up to 12 in the bunk houses. There is some flexibility in that. Each person gets a bed, bedding, towels, soap, and a cabinet to use for hanging clothes and storing belongings. Coffee is available each morning. Laundry can be arranged at an additional cost.

Where and what will we eat?

​We have a large kitchen on the compound that is used for preparing and serving food to our visiting teams. Parents of sponsored children help with the food preparation under the direction of our cooks. Rice is served at every meal. It is the staple food here and it is not a meal if rice is not served. There will be soups, chicken, pork, and fish. There will be fruits such as mango and pineapple and bananas. There will be special dishes catering to our American tastes, such as spaghetti, and special Filipino dishes like fresh and fried lumpia. Usually during each trip there are one or two opportunities for eating at restaurants off the compound. A store on the compound sells snacks and soft drinks to visitors  During your visit we will also take you to the mall in Gen San City, which has a grocery store that has special aisles with American food. Oreos or Chips Ahoy anyone??? You will never be hungry!

How many should come?  

Our best and most effective team size is 12 to 14 people. It allows for group rates during travel arrangements. It is a size that we can transport functionally from one location to another for ministry opportunities. It is the most cost effective size for us. It is about all we can handle at one time with our limited resources.  It is a size that seems to work for the teams also.  

What else should we know?

​Before each team comes, we will supply you with policies on safety and on health issues that can be a concern while visiting the Philippines, and especially the island of Mindanao. While you are here we will hire additional security to ensure that everyone stays safe. We ask that no one leave the compound without an escort.


We supply bottled water for drinking that is dispensed from a water cooler. We encourage visitors to bring Deep Woods OFF as this is the most effective insect repellent that we have found. For copies of policies that we have in place to ensure your health and safety, please use the "Contact Us" page and request copies by email. Additional information updated regularly on travel to the Philippines can be found on the State Department website at