The CSM team from Naomi's Heart Mission and many other volunteers - parents, construction workers, Academy staff -  left early on Monday, January 26, 2016 to take Christmas to the mountain village home of two of our sponsored college students.  The trip was quite the adventure.  Mountain roads, barely passable, a river that had to be crossed - after some of the men waded out to make sure it was not too deep for the truck - and a truck breakdown on the way home made the event extra memorable.  But the chance to deliver Christmas gifts and share food with people who rarely have any visitors, let alone people bringing gifts, made it worth all the effort.   Eight families were blessed - not immediate families, but eight extended families, bringing the total number of people to over 250. 

Our team returned tired, but blessed to be used by God to used in such mighty ways.  Everyone was safe.  The vehicle has been repaired.  We will continue to take the challenges God puts before us as we strive to do His will and follow His leading.  To God alone be all the glory.  (Added 1.10.17)

Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS)

Every year the mission holds Daily Vacation Bible Schools in a variety of locations during the months of April and May, when the schools are closed for “summer” break.  This year DVBS was held at an ocean area called Linao and at a mountain location called Pao Pao in addition to the main one held at our mission compound. 

 Each day the children receive instruction on Bible stories and lessons.  They sing songs.  They memorize scripture (in English) and do crafts and coloring pages.  They are fed and on the last day, flip flops are handed out to all the participants. 

 Many parents attend by staying close to their children.  They want to hear the stories also. 

 We love DVBS.  It is a lot of work and challenges the budget, but the faces on the children make us sure that this is God-directed and a chance for our mission to share God’s love with the hurting, the broken, and the hungry for the word of God. (added 1.10.17)

Pao Pao Fellowship Center Opens

Christmas 2016 Outreach

Naomi’s Heart Mission launched a new church up in the mountains outside General Santos City. It started with one of our pastors, Pastor Chan, going up to Pao Pao each week to hold a Bible study. He met people there who were hungry for the word of God. They listened to Pastor teach and opened their hearts to the Lord. A few months later, the first Sunday morning worship service at Pao Pao Fellowship Center was held. 

The mission is sending up musicians and speakers each week, as well as people to teach the children and youth. It is not an easy trip – but worth every bump and jostle. There is no electricity, no doors or windows. Plastic chairs and wooden benches are used for seating. And there is one BIG spider who attended our first service. But the view is amazing. The people are on fire for the Lord and excited to hear the Word. I have never worshiped in a more beautiful place with more beautiful people. (added 3.16.16)

Team Visits

We love when teams visit the mission.  Last fall, we had a team come from Fellowship Christian and then a second team from a church called Faith Hope Compassion.  Visiting the mission with a team is a life changing experience.  The days are filled with playing with the Academy students, doing crafts and activities with them, going out with our CSM team to minister to adults and children throughout the General Santos area, participating in street feedings, going to the public schools to share testimonies, worshiping during the jail ministry, helping with baptisms, sharing during crusades, speaking at churches and any other outreach a team wants to do while they are here.  Every team helps design their visit according to the gifts and talents of the members.  Every team blesses us greatly – and goes home blessed as well.  Do something bold – come see for yourself what life is like in the mission field.  You will never regret the trip!          (revised 1.10.17) 

Youth Camp

The NHM staff put together a Youth Camp in late November of 2016.  Around 100 High School students gathered for a weekend of learning and fun.  There were speakers, lots of worship, games, and times of prayer.  There was a Praise Team competition for individuals, twosomes and whole youth groups.    There was also an Amazing Race, which took the teams to stations where they had to do challenging (and messy) tasks to win points.  It is always fun to watch youth playing and worshipping together.  Their energy and their openness to learning more about God is contagious.  We are proud of our young people and their desire to serve our Lord. (added 1.10.17)

Weddings and Child Dedications 

In December of this year (2016) the mission held weddings and child dedications at two different locations.  People in the Philippines have a difficult time affording weddings.  So the mission, each December, does a large celebration in order to help out couples desiring to acknowledge before God and man their commitment to each other.  This year, ceremonies were held both at Serralah and at the NHM compound. 

At the NHM wedding, many couples from a mountain region participated. You will see them in their tribal dress in these pictures.  It is an area where one of our pastors has been ministering.  The couples and their families traveled down the day before, spent the night camped out in the outreach center, and then were ready for the ceremony the next morning.

After the weddings were completed, we had child dedications.  Many of the couples have families already and so we ask them to dedicate their children to God and promise to raise them in the church and in the beliefs of our Lord and Savior.    (revised 1.10.17) 

​Photos of Recent Events