Crusades Held Throughout General Santos City

​​​The Naomi’s Heart Mission takes every possible opportunity to hold crusades throughout the region in and around General Santos City. 

The evening is filled with worship music shared by our Praise and Worship team, scripture reading, and strong preaching by pastors associated with the mission. Crowds of up to 1000 people (adults and children) attend. 

Medical screenings are done whenever possible.

After the service, 4 to 5 pots of lugaw are served and bags of dry goods (rice, sardines, noodles, salt and other supplies) are handed out. Sometimes flip flops are given.  Bibles, when available, and pamphlets for the children are also often given.  It is a time of ministry and outreach. 

We have a dynamic CSM staff that organizes everything, makes the needed arrangements, purchases the supplies, and plans the service. Their efforts are paying off.

We see God at work each time a crusade is held and thank Him for continuing to supply the funds and workers to make these services a success to His glory!  (Updated 1.10.17)

Mary Lou Moore ( came to Naomi's Heart Mission and fell in love with the women who are here each day while their children attend the NHM Christian Academy. She began building relationships with them and soon decided that there was more these ladies could do besides sitting around talking all day (chika chika).

Mary Lou (lovingly called "Maxine" here) started a weekly Bible study and encouraged the ladies to memorize scripture, awarding Bibles as prizes. She started a livelihood program where women earn money sewing bags, backpacks, and table runners. Zumba is also being offered during the week, led by Leonila Lagman, one of our NHM staff members.  (Pictures updated 11/28/15)

Naomi's Sisters

Visit our blog at to read stories of how God

is using our ministry teams in the public schools and on the streets of General Santos City. 

Sponsoring Children to go to Public School

In the Philippines, many children cannot afford to go to school. They are required to buy uniforms, their chair, pay fees, and supply the school and teacher with materials such as floor wax and floor mats or brooms. Often only one child in the family is able to go.

Through a sponsorship program, we provide a way for children to go to school and receive the support they need to be successful. Our hope is to break the cycle of poverty through education. All these kids need is a chance. For $15.00 per month, you can sponsor a child to attend public school. This takes care of the fees, the school supplies needed, the uniforms.  The cost for college students is $50.00 per month to cover their tuition. 

The elementary children all come to the mission on Saturday for Bible class. High School students attend youth activities.  The college students work with the younger children teaching Bible classes, they work on our praise and worship teams, and they help with other responsibilities at the mission. Your sponsorship can change a life for a child and his/her family and give them hope and a future.

Contact us if you can help. Look through the pictures. If you see a child who moves your heart, let us know. We will confirm that they are still available and help you get started.

Ministries at Naomi's Heart Mission

Hospital Visitation Program

Our CSM (Community Service Ministry) workers continue to minister at the government-run hospital daily and spend time with the patients and their watchers (caregivers). They are handing out Bibles when they are available, praying over patients for healing, and sharing the love of Jesus. They are in the intensive care units, the waiting areas, and the pediatric wards. They are visiting with the elderly, the injured, and the premature. They are sharing their testimonies with the guards, the nurses, and other staff members. 

Outside the hospital on the grounds they are handing out meals to those who have come to visit loved ones, to parents with hungry children, to the homeless, to the mentally ill, and to anyone else in need. It is exhausting work. It sometimes means taking risks of exposure to disease. But the team is seeing God at work in mighty ways. They are feeling His Spirit as they minister - and they do not want to stop.

Please pray for our team as they continue to reach out to those in need.(updated 1.10.17)

Every week worship services are held at our main mission compound and also at 4  satellite churches.  Our pastors minister up in the mountains at Pao Pao and  Serralah.  Services are also held at the Fellowship River Church and at our church called Higher Ground. Each service is filled with praise and worship music led by our teams made up of sponsored college students as well as volunteers from the local congregations. Pastors and Pastoras teach the word of God.  Children are taught lessons for their age groups.  Sunday School lessons are given.  Prayers are lifted up.   

Sundays are busy.  Vehicles head out in the morning in different directions carrying instruments, sound equipment and people.  Motorcycles are used for some of the pastors.  At some churches, feedings and rice handouts are done.

How blessed we are that God has allowed us to spread our outreaches to new locations so that people farther from the mission can hear the word of God regularly and experience corporate worship.  (Added 1/10/17)

Our CSM workers are ministering each day, reaching out to feed the hungry and teach adults and children about the love of Jesus.  Each day, they go to different venues.  They teach Values Education Classes in the local High Schools, they take the word to the streets of General Santos City with preaching, songs and a feeding, they go to Elementary schools and do a Bible lesson and feeding, they go to the Fishport and talk to the workers about Jesus.  They also hold Bible studies in homes.  Any time our nurses go along, they do medical checks - blood pressure, sugar levels, wound cleaning and bandaging - whatever is needed.  Every day brings new challenges. Sometimes they are in city locations. Sometimes they are in mountain areas.  Sometimes our pastors go by motorcycle because it is the only way to reach the most outlying areas. 

We pray over them for protection and boldness, for open doors and open hearts.  They are truly God's hands and feet as our mission strives to walk obediently before God.   (Updated 1/10/17)

Weekly Worship

CSM Outreaches

Sponsoring Children to go to NHM Christian Academy

There are also children from the Naomi's Heart Mission Christian Academy available for sponsorship. Sponsorship for Academy students is $30.00 per month. To see children enrolled at Naomi's Heart Mission Christian Academy who are in need of sponsors, please click on this link:!sponsor/cjn9