Teams that come here can set their priorities of how they would like to minister from a variety of choices. All agendas are coordinated through Kristie Ward to ensure that all needed vehicles, time scheduling, and financial costs are accounted for. 

We are always open to new ideas from teams, but here is a list what teams have done in the past:

  • Street feedings - Taking pots of lugaw out into the streets of the city and handing out cups to hungry children
  • Clothing and flip flop distribution
  • Handing out dry foods and rice to local families
  • Vacation Bible School type activities for children
  • Adult Bible studies
  • Prison Ministries
  • Sharing of personal testimonies
  • Leading worship / speaking at our weekly church service
  • Special activities for children at the NHM Academy
  • Visiting of the public school classes - giving testimonies and doing Bible classes
  • Helping with medical treatment and care, on the compound and in the community
  • Doctor, eye doctor, dental care for children and adults
If your team has a specialty, we want to hear about it
and we will do all we can to open the doors for your ministry to be done here.


Thank you so much for the wonderful time that I had at the mission. When I think back, every day held new adventures and blessings that I received. I think about them everyday and how meaningful the whole trip was. The closeness of the team was such a beautiful blessing and we just had so many memories together. I appreciate the long hours that you all put in while preparing for our visit.

         ~ Marcia  11.27.13

What kind of outreach opportunities are available?

Ministry Opportunities for Visiting Teams